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Our mission

AIX assists clients in establishing various types of corporate vehicles, including private companies, companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee, unlimited companies, limited partnerships and public companies.

We assist or act for our clients

  • With the incorporation of Gibraltar companies, with a name of your choice, subject to approval by Companies House
  • Registered Office Address in Gibraltar
  • Company Secretarial Service; preparing all regulatory and statutory registrations and filings and other Company Secretarial services
  • Business Licences
  • Payroll Services, including Income Tax and Social Security registration and filings
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Accountancy Services
  • ETB registration for companies who employ persons in Gibraltar
  • Business Plans
  • Assistance in the opening and management of a bank account

Our team of professionals have many years experience and excellent contact with banks, lawyers, accountants to whom we can refer you.

Corporate Services

Incorporation is the legal process used to form a Company, which is a legal entity separate from its owners, with its own rights and obligations. A limited liability Company with share capital is the most widely used legal vehicle for business in Gibraltar.

Incorporation provides many advantages for a business and its owners: protection from personal liability for business debts, improved access to financing for business activities, simple transfer of business ownership through the transfer of shares and potential for tax planning through access to lower corporation tax rates and international tax treaties.


Domiciliary Services

A company is required to maintain a Registered Office in its country of incorporation. We usually provide this minimum service for all our clients.

As your local representative, AIX will maintain your Company’s good standing in accordance with legal requirements by the provision of the Registered Office address in Gibraltar and will receive and handle mail sent to the Company at the Registered Office.


Company Secretarial Services

The Company Secretary is the most senior administrative officer of a private or public company. Their role is to ensure that the company complies with all the standard financial and legal requirements required by law or regulation.

The risk of non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations raises a potential for adverse consequences for the Company and its officers. It is essential to know that your company is and remains in good standing, that business decisions are accurately implemented and that necessary changes can be effected in a straightforward and timely manner.


Business Licences

If your Company intends to trade or provide Services inside Gibraltar, a Business licence is probably required. The process can sometimes be complex with the necessity of obtaining approval of suitable premises, specialised licences etc.

AIX can provide assistance in sourcing appropriate premises and deal with the relevant regulatory bodies, if such a business licence is required by your Company.


Accounting Services

Every Company registered in Gibraltar. Tax returns must be submitted even if there is no tax liability in a relevant period.

Accounts must be filed on an annual basis, if the filing requirements are not complied with before the end of the relevant period, the Company and every officer of the Company commits an offence and is liable to pay a fixed penalty.



If your Company has employees in Gibraltar, it will be required to register with the Employment and Training Board. It will also need to register each employee, change of employment terms and conditions, and to file a notice of termination of employment where necessary.

If your Company carries on a business in Gibraltar it will need to register with the Income Tax Office, make annual filings, and submit other filings for its employees.


Business Plan

Newly incorporated Companies are quite often requested to produce a Business plan.This may be required to open a Bank account or to obtain specific licences or approvals, for example for companies subject to Medical Registration licences or Gambling licences, or regulated Financial Services licencing.

Our team has extensive experience in producing business plans for various kinds of trading and regulated Companies, and can assist you with this important aspect of a new business start-up in Gibraltar.


Banking Introductions

Most companies require a bank account to carry out business, but opening a new bank account has become increasingly difficult in recent years due to international transparency and anti-money laundering requirements.

Many banks will no longer open accounts for non-resident companies and others will only open accounts for clients who are introduced by a recognised and licensed service provider that is on their ‘approved list’.


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